gRPC protoc API

Generate gRPC clients from .proto descriptor files.

API Usage Examples
$ curl -F 'file1=@services.proto'{lang}.json
Add ServiceStack Referencex {lang}

Client Usage

Easiest way to save protoc generated gRPC Service Clients locally is with the x dotnet tool (requires .NET Core 3):

$ dotnet tool install --global x

Which will let you generate protoc clients from either a single .proto services description:

$ x proto-<lang> services.proto

Or upload multiple .proto files by specifying a directory instead:

$ x proto-<lang> /path/to/grpc/protos

Use -out to specify a different directory to save the protoc generated classes to, e.g:

$ x proto-<lang> services.proto -out /path/to/dir

Using ServiceStack

Local .proto files aren't necessary for ServiceStack gRPC Services with gRPC clients only needing a URL, e.g:

$ x proto-<lang>

Using curl

Alternatively you can use curl command-line HTTP Client to download protoc generated classes in a .zip archive:

$ curl -F 'file1=@services.proto'[lang]?zip -L -o

Language Codes

Below is a complete list of different languages supported by this public gRPC Service:

Lang Description
cpp C++
csharp C#
dart Dart
go Go
java Java
java-lite Java (Lite)
js-node JavaScript (node.js)
objc Objective C
php PHP
python Python
ruby Ruby
swift Swift
gRPC Web
js-closure JavaScript (Closure)
js-commonjs JavaScript (CommonJS)
ts TypeScript
ts-binary TypeScript (Binary)
Source code available on GitHub:

Generated Files

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